Interview - Ought

Interview – Ought

The sincere, stately and exuberant post-punk of Ought is nimble, anxious, no frills and fluid and reminds one of CAP’N JAZZ, the Feelies, LUNG FISH, GANG OF FOUR and the early TALKIN HEADSYou move from sharp edges and stuttering opposite poles to rounded corners and sounding flow; Manage the elements economically and remain faithful to their lineup as a quartetThe interplay between the instruments is at all times immensely smart, lush and deceptively simpleThe chanting of Tim Beeler pours melodic singing and desperate whine is, however, at any time driven by real feelings and a real connection to the theme of the song, whether it’s to the mess of our broken soul life or meeting with others in our broken societyOught are sincere and humble and convinced of their own organizing and art work, which they see as the inevitable merging of politics and aesthetics.