Interview - Perfect Pussy

Interview – Perfect Pussy

The band Perfect pussy consists besides the 26-year-old singer Meredith Graves by Ray McAndrew, Garrett Koloski, Greg Ambler and Shaun Sutku had lain down a tremendous with a foursong cassette, so spontaneously and suddenly, that the dust has raised yet again. And so they sound: restless, fast, frenetic. As a hairdryer, directed on burning coals. Sutku plays unlike the rest of the band not in a variety of hardcore, grindcore, metal or rock bands. Sutku ensures noise. Epic noise that Graves describes as follows: “When you hear what makes Shaun at Perfect Pussy, one imagines, he was sitting as Dracula behind a huge church organ. His insanely fast music and Gravesvoice are the second unique feature which forms Perfect Pussy.