The CPH PIX is an international film festival in Copenhagen. This festival is a merger of the Copenhagen International Film Festival and the NatFilm Festival in the year 2008. The festival in the 2012 edition gave a great overview of the contemporary film worldwide. With different programmatic sections it gives the festival visitor a great opportunity to find his right way through the mass of films. Enjoy the interview with two film makers. Frederikke Aspöck, a danish director for her first feature film called “Labrador” or in the English Version “Out of bounds” and Sacha Polak for her first feature called “Hemel”. Furthermore we had the opportunity the talk with the head of the festival Jacob Neiiendam.

Follow also our CPH PIX channel on youtube and Vimeo with some our recommendations of the festival.

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Interview – Jacob Neiiendam (CPH:PIX)

Interview – CPH PIX – Jacob Neiiendam

Interview – Frederikke Aspöck (Out of Bounds)

Interview – Fredderike Aspoeck – Film Labrador

Interview – Sacha Polak (Hemel)

Interview – Sacha Polak – Film Hemel

Sendung Tonspur’s Film list:

Land of Oblivion (La terre outragée) by Michale Boganim
For Ellen by Sun Young
Home for Weekend (Was bleibt) by Hans Christian Schmidt
Clip by Maja Milos
Hemel by Sacha Polak
Labrador by Fredderike Aspöck
Dogtooth by Yorgos Lanthimos
Iron Sky by Timo Vuorensola

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