Interview - Brandt Brauer Frick

Interview – Brandt Brauer Frick

The German club scene,differentiates itself after more than two decades. While some DJs celebrate with their audience to monotone 120 BPM, colorful pills the undaunted pure hedonism like on the Love Parade, at the same time clever heads are working on the severity of form and flow experience of electronic music to new, high cultural contexts of popular music and modern classical.

Drums, piano, xylophone, glockenspiel, cello, violin, trumpet, tuba, harp, classical instruments with the tracks from Brandt Brauer Frick arise. Saxophone and Kontrabss other hand, are undesirable, they too are associated with jazz. In 2008 Frick started in cooperation with the two other namesakes Daniel Brandt and Jan Brauer  the project, . They have previously invented in Wiesbaden under the moniker name “Scott” a synthesis of jazz and techno.