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Interview – Ulrich Seidl – Diagonale

Ulrich Seidl has been awarded for documentaries like “Good News”, “Animal Love” and “models” with numerous international awards. “Dog Days” was Ulrich Seidl’s first feature film, and in 2001 was honored with the Grand Jury Prize at the Film Festival in Venice. For Werner Herzog i Ulrich Seidl s one of his ten favorite filmmakers and commented “Animal Love” as follows: “I have never seen in the movies looked so straight to hell.”

In 2003 he filmed and produced “Import Export”. Following with the trilogy PARADISE in 2012: “PARADISE: Love”, “PARADISE: Faith”, “PARADISE: hope.” Three films that have emerged in four years. Moreover Seidl has a documentary in the works, in which he deals with people and their relationships to the basement. “In the basement” in German (Im Keller) will be premiered 2013.

During the Diagonale, the Austrian Film Festival where Paradise:Hope had its Austrian Premiere, we had the chance to have an interview with Mr. Seidl, enjoy the interview.



For further information about Ulrich Seidl http://www.ulrichseidl.com/ or the Diagonale Festival http://www.diagonale.at/

Image: © Diagonale/Alexi Pelekanos