Interview - Voodoo Jürgens

Voodoo Jürgens is an Austrian songwriter. His trademark are the black humorous lyrics in the Viennese dialect.Musically, he is attributed to Austropop. Interview – Voodoo Jürgens: Listen to the full show of Radio Helsinki from October 17th 2016:

Interview - Kompost 3 feat. Mira Lu Kovacs aka 5K HD

5K HD is an Austrian avant-garde pop band consisting of the four instrumentalists of the band Kompost 3 (Martin Eberle, Benny Omerzell, Manu Mayr and until the end of 2019 Lukas König) and the singer Mira Lu Kovacs (Schmieds Puls)….

Interview - Die Heiterkeit

Die Heiterkeit is a German pop band formed in Hamburg in 2010 and released their debut album Herz aus Gold in 2012. The band consists of singer and songwriter Stella Sommer and a changing live line-up. Interview Die Heiterkeit: Listen…

Interview - Mouse on Mars

Mouse on Mars formed in 1993 when Andi Toma, from Düsseldorf, and Jan St. Werner, from Cologne, met at a speed metal festival in Stockholm and decided to form a band. With eleven albums and eleven e.p.s Mouse On Mars…

Interview - Stimming

Martin Stimming is an eletronic producer from Hamburg who records mostly for the hometown Diynamic imprint Interview – Stimming:   Listen to the full show of Radio Helsinki from May 30th 2016:

Interview - Protomartyr

Protomartyr is an American rock band formed in 2008 in Detroit, Michigan. It features Joe Casey on vocals, Greg Ahee on guitar, Alex Leonard on drums and Scott Davidson on bass guitar. Interview Protomartyr Listen to the full show of…